The BA Meetup in Monaco is approaching, and we thought we’d help you look like a real Monegasque by giving you some info’s only a few people know about this city-state.

  • A part of Monaco is also the Rock

Wait what? Yeah, it’s called The Rock but not like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, but because it sits on a rock. It’s been the subject of many fights and political disputes some going back to their independence from Genoa in 1297!

  • It’s the 2nd smallest country in the world

You heard it right, it’s the 2nd smallest country in the world right after The Vatican State. Monaco is only 2 squared Kilometers. It takes on average 56 minutes to walk the width of the country.

  • Monaco has the largest police force in the world

Alright we fooled you a bit here. It’s actually the largest police force both per-capita and per-area. It counts 515 police officers for 35.000 citizens. Don’t try anything stupid, I’ll have you warned 😉

  • Rub shoulders with millionaires and billionaires

Monaco has the world’s highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita. To give you an idea, one in every three people in Monaco is a millionaire and since you’ve so much in common when it comes to mindset and life objectives, you might be able to find your new best friend there.

  • It’s a tax heaven for many people

Each and every individual citizens of Monaco enjoys a tax-free lifestyle since the 1870s. This has led Monaco to review their economic model, which used to solely rely on casinos, to welcome more tourists.

  • What do Monaco and Indonesia have in common?

They share the exact same flag; Indonesia’s flag is actually a tiny bit wider but other than that it’s the exact same: red at the top and white at the bottom.