Before I was a BA...

Brand Ambassadors come from all walks of life... so we were intrigued and ask some of them what they did before becoming Brand Ambassadors! Check it out!

Before I was a BA...

One of the main concerns we hear from new Brand Ambassadors - or Brand Ambassadors to be- is the common: “Yeah but I’ve never done sales before, I don’t know if I can do it…” You’ve may have said or thought this before. Don’t worry we all have! One thing you need to realise though is that being a Brand Ambassador requires no former experience whatsoever; it does require a great attitude, a student mentality and a decent work ethic! Brand Ambassadors come from all walks of life: students, athletes, waiters, bartenders, bank managers and new graduates alike! So, check out these BAs and let them tell you what they did before deciding to become a Brand Ambassador!

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