Cyril : I love working on commission

Meet Cyril, a french BA, who we interviewed for the lastest BA.Life magazine distributed at the Barcelona BA Meetup. We discussed commission work and why it's the best fit for this ambitious BA.

Cyril : I love working on commission

At 23, Cyril from Bordeaux has been a BA for a year and a half. He studied marketing for two years followed by an industry year in Latvia where he was really eager to learn English so he could one day run a successful business.

Realizing that his diploma had limitations on how much more he could learn, Cyril discovered the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador and started off with an observation day to find out more. He admits to having been a little skeptical at first, but his vision and confidence quickly changed when the results arrived. "What I like is that it's an exponential way to develop yourself. I may not be the fastest, but I learn step by step and I can really build myself. Before I was a BA I had a bad attitude towards failure whereas today consistency is my key word. "

Today, Cyril has found his own rhythm and momentum and loves what he does: "I love the contact with people, I feed on the experiences of the people I meet and that every new door that opens is a new story that I discover.

And for him, it is also an opportunity to grow in a system he finds appealing: Independence and commission. "It's perfect because the culture is very very good, everyone begins at the same level and it's up to you to go beyond the levels you want. "

In a year and a half this young French BA has changed a lot: "The old Cyril and the new Cyril are so different, when I started I was very unsure of myself, I was anxious and very negative. Today I understand that if something happens, it’s not inevitable, but it is necessary to create your own opportunities. "

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