Ewa: From building mannequins to building a business

Meet Ewa, a Brand Ambassador from Poland currently based in London. We interviewed Ewa for the latest BA.Life Magazine and she told us how being independent is one of the best things to happen to her.

Ewa: From building mannequins to building a business

Ewa, originally from Poland, is a 20-year-old Brand Ambassador in London. Before starting as a BA in early January of this year, she used to be department manager for a company that built mannequins. Tired of not being able to either grow within the company or develop herself, she heard of this opportunity and decided to go for it.

At the very beginning I wasn’t sure what this was about to be honest. It’s only once I shadowed another Brand Ambassador during the observation day that I realised I really wanted to do this. The atmosphere was nothing like what I was used to at the mannequin company. You meet so many optimistic and energetic people here, it’s crazy.” Right now, Ewa has found her feet and confidence in her ability: “Being an independent and working on commission just works for me. It’s cool to see that the more effort I put in, the more I get out. It’s all up to me!

Having been invited on her first international trip in Monaco within a matter of weeks, Ewa says that having success in this industry is all about not overthinking everything and following the systems. “The trip was amazing, as well as the helicopter ride and meeting professional football players, I took so much from all the people I met there, and it was so inspiring to apply their tips.”

Ewa is looking forward to growing within the industry and invites people who want to grow faster to join her: “Two things that seem important to me when you start is to be patient and not compare yourself with others but rather compare who you are now with the past versions of yourself. It’s never hard, it just takes practice and it’ll come with time!

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