Fanny: “I had never set foot on an airplane before being a BA”

Meet Fanny: a 19 year old French BA who's determined to become one of the top BAs in Europe! We spent a while talking with her about opportunities and travels: check it out!

Fanny: “I had never set foot on an airplane before being a BA”

Fanny became a BA in April of 2018 when, after a year spent studying foreign literature at University, she realised she wasn’t getting what she wanted from it. At only 19, the French Brand Ambassador has just arrived from Lyon to Paris to help launch a new sales campaign in the French capital. We sat down with her to discuss opportunities within the industry.

One thing that might seem a bit ridiculous is that before being a Brand Ambassador, I had never set foot on an airplane. I’ve never traveled so much in my life than during this past year. I’ve already been several times to London, I was invited to Ibiza, and I went to Paris and Marrakech as well. It’s crazy to think that you can travel as much in so little time” says Fanny, convinced that she would’ve never had access to these opportunities if she hadn’t become a BA.

Although, at the start, Fanny's parents were not delighted about her choice to pause her studies, they quickly understood why she was working hard and progressing: "It took a while for them to fully understand what I wanted to do, but when they saw the travel and development opportunities opening up to me, they quickly realised that there was a true potential for me as Brand Ambassador."

An important aspect of Fanny’s development as a BA is how much she’s grown and learned: “I’m much more confident than I used to be, just looking at what I’m doing now: I’ve been in Paris for the past three weeks and that’s something I would’ve never been capable of doing in the past, just leaving my home town like that. I’ve spent countless hours in class asking myself how this would be useful to me in the future, while what I’m learning here is very tangible and directly applicable to what I do. I get such advice from experienced mentors, but I also love the fact I’m independent and I get to control my life every day.

If for Fanny the fact of being independent fits her perfectly, it is also thanks to the structure supporting her as a Brand Ambassador: "It is ideal because I never liked being given orders or being told what to do but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to receive advice or guidance from more experienced people. We are independent sure, but we are not just left on our own, we are helped and supported and that's great! "

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