Happy Zero Discrimination Day!

To celebrate Zero Discrimination day we take a look back at what a no-seniority industry means and how it benefits everyone!

Happy Zero Discrimination Day!

Zero Discrimination day was created by The UN in 2014 to promote justice equality and extend it to all other areas of life!

This is a subject that got us all fired up over here as one or our values is to provide opportunity and an open door to motivated people regardless of all the other stuff. At some point we all face discrimination in our lives, sometimes it will have small consequences and other times it has much bigger impacts. This kind of behavior clearly sucks, bit there is one area of our society where it shocks no one: the job market!

Let us be clear; by definition, any company with a strong hierarchy structure is discriminant in its essence: you could be the best at what you do, the fact you’re new and just starting in a position will directly influence the impact of your ideas or solutions. This kind of company will only measure your growth based on seniority: basically, the time spent in the company. You could be working your butt off but old Roger, who doesn’t give a flying f**k anymore, will be promoted before you just because he’s been idle in his chair longer than you have.

Being a Brand Ambassador means you don’t have to suffer this kind of twisted bullsh*t (let’s call it by what it is): first, there is no seniority in our industry; this means that your growth is not determined by a senior figure, hierarchy or a system, it is only your results. It means not waiting in a line of people for the next ‘opening’. Your age, experience, gender, race, are not a deciding factor and never will be. It does not matter how long you’ve been here, who you might know or are related to, or what degree or education you might have. Some of the most successful BAs in this industry are the best examples of this: like here, here or even here!

What does matter if you wish to go far and build something of value for yourself are your determination, your actions, your commitment and your results on a daily basis. The only discrimination you might face here is your own: you’re the only person to set limits for yourself or break those limits if you so desire! The ball is in your court!

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