How to pitch for anything you want

As a BA you know how to pitch, but do you know how to pitch yourself? Today we show you how!

How to pitch for anything you want

As BAs we get amazing opportunities to travel, evolve, learn and meet new people, but they don’t fall in our lap David Copperfield style. When you deliver results, show consistency, continuously improve yourself, your actions will be deserving of investment.

What do you mean investment?

Well, we obviously (and unfortunately for some) don’t live in a world of rainbows and unicorns, so many of the events, workshops and meetups you can get invited to cost money to attend. When the Owner of the Marketing Company chooses to invest in your development, this is not just a compliment or a gift, it is an investment into your future and will allow you to grow personally and professionally. These awesome opportunities leave an open question: Why you and not someone else?

The smartest people choose wisely where to place their money and do so to get a great return. Proving you work hard and want it isn’t enough, you need to promote that choice, to pitch yourself. While as a BA pitching is easy enough, you do it on a daily basis, pitching a product and pitching your own story is a little different. Let’s say you want to attend the one of our amazing upcoming events: maybe the BA Meetup in London in august or the surreal Entrepreneur Summit in Dubai this year (honestly, who doesn’t), but there’s a limited number of spots and nothing guarantees you’ll be the one to go… unless your pitch does!

Here are some tips on how to build a great pitch about yourself. While you might’ve heard this first one a few times (we like to repeat this because without it, well you may as well stay in bed!), it’s by far the most important:

1. Believe in yourself. Shoulders back, head up, get your game face and head on. Every successful person starts with a dream and a ton of hunger. When you’re getting ready to sell anything and especially your vision and your worth, you need to remember what drives you and fires you up.

2. Like every pitch you need to prepare it so grab a seat and start making a list: write down everything you’re awesome at, what you’ve accomplished lately and the advancements you made. Try to pinpoint all the facts that would make you the ideal candidate to be invested in. Then do the same thing again but by asking friends and family what they think you should put forward. Once you have all your awesomeness in one spot pick out the most relevant elements for the opportunity you’re going after.

3. Next re-think about your ‘why’, it should be an important part of your pitch: try and determine how your ‘why’ can benefit the person you’re talking to. Remember we make investments to get a RETURN. So, if you want anyone to back you, remember to point out what return they will get from this investment in you: show your real motivation and how this opportunity can positively impact your future goals.

4. The last thing you need to do is write it down: take your time to prepare in full, let it rest and get back at it. Like any other pitch, the one about yourself needs practice and repeating: a well-built pitch will make a difference. Don’t do all the work to get this far and then chicken out. 5,4,3,2,1 and go for it!

This shows us how sales knowledge is valuable to everything we do: from getting an interview, to investment and to all the opportunities you can think of; it all comes down to you and how you pitch and value yourself. That’s what makes being a BA so awesome!