Maxime: “Why Being on Commission works for me”

Meet Maxime, a 28-year-old BA who used to work for the french railway before realising he wanted more than a high-end employed position. Check his story out!

Maxime: “Why Being on Commission works for me”

Maxime, a 28-year-old BA from Lyon, became a Brand Ambassador about 2,5 years ago after leaving a managing position at the SNCF (the French railways). Maxime tells us why changing from a 'high-end' employed position to a commission-paid freelance opportunity was the perfect choice for him.

Before becoming a BA, Maxime wasn’t hyped at all by the idea of working on commission: “To be very honest I didn’t understand commission at first, I didn’t understand how it was possible to make a living that way.” Having a great observation day with helpful and friendly people made him give it a go and see where it would lead him: “I quickly did a lot of sales and then I realised that what we do is easy. In order to have success on commission you have to understand two things: commission is a reward that you need to go and grab and the other is that what we do isn’t complicated, just talk to people and apply what works.

Maxime loves working on commission today, but he wouldn’t have taken any other commission-paid position: “Before being a Brand Ambassador I would’ve said no to commission-paid work because they didn’t come with ‘the whole package’, there was no education, there wasn’t such a positive atmosphere and team-player mentality and most of all, I wouldn’t have benefited from such a strong coaching support to help me bounce back from challenging days that are to be expected.”

For Maxime there are many great things about working on commission today: “I love the fact that we get paid weekly, it makes everything easier. Then, I can now earn more than when I was employed, it’s great to push yourself for more and to overcome challenges every day.” After two years, Maxime is building a strong network of about 20 BAs and isn’t being pushed down by an old hierarchy system: “I’m given the opportunity to take more responsibilities, to build something all depending on how well I perform, and I don’t have to wait for a boss to let me navigate my own boat!