Meet Benjamin: Connecting with People

Benjamin, a self-proclaimed introvert, is a BA in London. He loves that being a BA is helping him to develop and connect with new people while not changing him as a person.

Meet Benjamin: Connecting with People

Originally from Nice in France, Benjamin moved to London in the UK to become a Brand Ambassador. He had previously working in a similar role in France, while also studying. So, although being a BA in London was a little different he was already accustomed to the style of work a Brand Ambassador does.

He found it much easier to be a BA in the UK and he also found that it was helping him to develop new skills and to also open up more to people and connect with them better. As an introvert, he found it great that he was learning and developing new skills without the need for him to change who he is. He could stay the Benjamin people around him knew while also being able to open up more and forge new and stronger relationships with the people he meets.

How does Benjamin describe the lifestyle of a Brand Ambassador? Well, for him “it’s a fantastic human adventure!” Check out the video below to see Benjamin’s story.

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