Meet Iain: Leadership and Mentality

Iain is originally from Adelaide, South Australia, but is now a BA based in a new and fast-growing location in Edinburgh. We sat down for a coffee and a chat to find out his story.

Meet Iain: Leadership and Mentality

After leaving his home in Adelaide, South Australia, and work as a landscaper Iain travelled to Scotland to follow his family heritage. He found himself working in a bar and after a few months realised that he wanted more. He wanted to be challenged and wanted to progress his career. This is when he came across being a Brand Ambassador in a new, exciting and fast-growing location in Edinburgh.

After just one month, Iain has progressed into a leadership position in Edinburgh, helping lead the way for new BAs and helping them find their feet and success. His whole mindset has changed too, and he knows that it is for the better. Watch his full story below.

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