Meet Johanna: One Week In

Meet Johanna, when we had a chat with her, she was a BA for just one week. She told us about what it has been like and why she likes it all and wants to push herself more than ever!

Meet Johanna: One Week In

Originally born in France, Johanna spend most of her childhood in a place some people call paradise, New Caledonia. When she was ready for university she moved again, this time to Montreal in Canada. There she studied Marketing, learned English and then started working for a large business conference. This is where she met her first mentor, a Parisian business woman who was highly successful in many areas. She helped Johanna to understand her worth and that she could achieve and ambitions she had for her career. This is something that has stuck with her, especially now as a BA.

After 6 years, she moved back to France to start fresh. This is when she became a BA and fell in love with the opportunity and how it can help her reach her ambitions of owning her own company. Now, just one week as a BA, keeping the lessons she learned in Canada and from her Parisian mentor close, Johanna is now using her drive and hard-work ethic to push herself every day and she not just those around her how and why women can be extremely successful as BAs. Watch the video below to find out how her first week has been.

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