Meet Mitch: Creating 3 Minute Friends

Meet Mitch, a BA from Nottingham. He started just a few weeks ago and is very quickly developing as a BA. There's one very specific thing he loves about being a BA too. Read on to find out!

Meet Mitch: Creating 3 Minute Friends

Before becoming a Brand Ambassador based in Nottingham, Mitch was a car salesman. He found that in that role he was restricted and did not feel like he was challenged to develop personally while doing it. He decided to be come a Brand Ambassador and within a week he knew he had found his place.

As a Brand Ambassador, he is now constantly developing himself, both personally and professionally. The most exciting thing about it all though is that he gets to meet so many amazing people every single day, and each one of them is different! He calls these '3 Minute Friends'. Watch his video below and find out more about Mitch and his BA Story.

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