Meet Rio: What it's all about

Meet Rio, a super energetic BA from Nottingham, who has figured out what it’s all about! He knows exactly what he’s doing and where he’s going as a Brand Ambassador. Watch this video for his full story

Meet Rio: What it's all about

We recently got the opportunity to sit down with Rio, a BA in Nottingham, and talked all things Brand Ambassador. He has put everything into being a BA from the moment he started. What’s the key to it all for him? Simple. Making people feel special. That goes for other BAs, the clients he represents and the customers he speaks to.

He remembers his first day as a BA and how everyone around him was really positive and motivating, even the simple things like remembering his name after a quick introduction. It was these things that made all the difference for Rio. He has made sure to pay that energy forward to everyone he meets. He understands that making people feel special is a key part of being a BA. Check out his video below and get to know Rio even more.

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