Meet Tai: When Three Becomes One

Meet Tai, born in Antigua before moving to Nottingham and becoming a Brand Ambassador, he has always been interested in his personal development and helping others reach their best potential, often attending conferences featuring speakers like Tony Robbins.

Meet Tai: When Three Becomes One

Tai used to work 3 different jobs between teaching and coaching sports to kids during the day, working at a restaurant in the evenings and then doing bar work at night. While he did this, he knew in his heart that there was more to life and working and a better way to spend his time efficiently. That’s when he became a Brand Ambassador and he changed his life.

He finally found a way to unlock all the experience and knowledge he had gained over the years of attending development and motivation conferences and put it all into practice.

Get to know Tai and why he thinks you should become a Brand ambassador too!

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