Meet the BAs #2 - May 2019 edition

After april, we featured some of the best BAs across Europe in May. What was their story? Well, find out below!

Meet the BAs #2 - May 2019 edition

We featured even more of Europe’s fantastic BA’s in May. What have they LOVED about becoming a Brand Ambassador? And what surprised them the most?

Just like the best Netflix intro’s, a good roundup of recent events helps us all out to get into the groove for the next marathon session! We have done just that for you with the latest BA features. Now I know we are crazily biased, but we loved the mix of stories the last few weeks. If you really want to learn about the brand ambassador life, if seeing is believing, then this is for you!

Meet Rio: What it’s all about

Meet Estelle: Opportunity knocks

Meet Pieter: D2D or an MBA in people

Meet Iain: Leadership and Mentality

Meet Victoria: Highlander to Highroller

Meet Vilius: Creating the blueprint

Meet Leonardo: Thinking outside the box

Meet Benjamin: Connecting with people

Meet Grégoire: The perfect place to grow

Meet Antoine: Giving people a chance

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