Meet the BAs #3 - July edition

Time for another #BAFeatureMe Hub to show you all the BAs we featured in July!

Meet the BAs #3 - July edition

We featured so many great BAs in July that we needed you to see a recap of all their interviews! Some told us why being a Brand Ambassador is working so well for them, others told us about the importance of consistency or discipline!

Just like your favourite Netflix shows, an good round up of what happened recently helps you to get in the groove! Now, we know we're biased, but we've loved the mix of stories we've seen in July! If you really want to know more about the Brand Ambassador life, then there's no better place than here and from some of Europe's top BAs!

1. Meet Chloe: Confidence does grow!

2. Meet Ruben: From Footballer to BA

3. Meet Kriz: From Golf pro to BA PART 1

4. Meet Kriz: From Golf pro to BA PART 2

5. Meet Johanna: On week 1

6. Meet Adrian: Loving his achievements

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