Meet the BAs!

We featured some of the best BAs across Europe in April. What was their story? Well, find out below!

Meet the BAs!

During the month of April we have been inundated with stories from BA's all across Europe! We love seeing all of the different people across the globe and know you do too. Find out what really makes then tick, how they have applied themselves in their role as a BA, and what advice they have for you. We have loads more to come in May too, if you want to build your business brand and have 1000's of people a week following your journey let us know !

1. Meet Steff : From Waitress to Entrepreneur

2. Meet Ashton : Becoming a Bamboo Tree

3. Meet Kareshma : Growing at my own pace

4. Meet Omar : From summer work to endless opportunities

5. Meet Mitch : Creating 3-minute friends

6. Meet Luisa : Creating an Independent Life

7. Meet Mirina : Being professional and having fun

8. Meet Tai : When three becomes one

9. Meet Jafar : All about personal development

10. Meet Kevin : Creative ambition unleashed

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