Mitchell: "Being a BA is making new friends every day"

If you haven't read our latest edition of the BA.Life Magazine, here's your chance to check it out! After Myriam and Koen, time for Mitchell, a BA in Nottingham.

Mitchell: "Being a BA is making new friends every day"

Mitchell (23) has been a Brand Ambassador in Nottingham since January 2019. Having always been in sales, this English BA knows his way around the trade but was desperate for a role that would fill his desire to progress and develop himself. That’s how he ended up becoming a Brand Ambassador with great results landing him a spot at the Zakopane Ski Trip after a month and half.

Mitchell was no stranger to sales when he first started as BA: 5 years as salesman in a dealership for high-end second-hand cars made him quite the sales expert. Unfortunately, with time, the atmosphere became quite negative: “Although I enjoyed it, it was nothing like here, we were all competing against each other, I’ve literally seen other salesmen slide over a car bonnet racing to a customer which had just come through the door. It wasn’t healthy at all. And we had no progression opportunities, you could be a salesman, but you were never going to progress into a higher position. So, I left to find more.”

Looking for another opportunity, Mitchell ended up meeting a recruiter from the Nottingham co-working hub: “She told me all about the development opportunities that come with being a Brand Ambassador and that’s exactly what I had been missing. It was brilliant, it was like two in one, I’ve got my sales which I know I’m good at and I can develop and learn skills to build my own business one day.” While Mitchell was a bit apprehensive at first of doing door-to-door, it took him just four doors before feeling comfortable and starting to really have fun: “I’m a people person, I get along well with most people, so I enjoy speaking to people every day and at the same time I make good money and I’m my own boss. I love the fact that it’s uncapped and that I’m in complete control.”

While Mitchell has changed a lot during his time as a Brand Ambassador, his drive to perform has never slowed down: “I always tell myself that I have to perform, that it’s not an option and I do it for my little boy who is two years old. I also realise that I’ve become a lot more business minded in the past six months and I’ve been a lot more confident when it comes to public speaking, it’s clearly a massive comfort zone I’ve been able to break.

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