Mossy: I’m grateful to work on commission

We sat down with Mossy, an Irish BA who recently moved to France to pursue his BA adventure! Check it out!

Mossy: I’m grateful to work on commission

Mossy (AKA Eimantas – first fun fact of many about this Lithuanian born BA) grew up in Ireland where his mother moved to without speaking a single word of English. Now a Brand Ambassador in France he saw the mindset and reality of an entrepreneur through his mother who successfully launched her company after several years of trying to make ends meet. We took some time to sit down with him, discuss his BA journey, his move to France, learning a new language and his exciting opportunities.

Mossy is 19 years old and after finishing school he was sure of one thing: “I want to be my own boss”. He decided to take a gap year before starting college: “I also needed to work because I wanted to be financially independent from my mother, she had been supporting and raising me on her own and I didn’t want her to worry about that anymore ”. That’s how he got a job as a factory worker for six months: “I realised how much I hated it. One thing that struck me is that I was doing the same job that people who had been there for 17 years were doing. To be fair it was a quite difficult time for me mentally, I didn’t feel like waking up to go to work and I decided to quit right after Christmas.

In search of a new opportunity, Mossy stumbled upon the BA world: “If at first, I wasn’t 100% sure what I was stepping into but I fell in love with from day one. The first thing that really hit me is that we have to deal with real people, and that’s what me made come back: talking to people. It’s different to any other workplace and definitively different from what I was doing previously.

While Mossy was excited from the start, his first trips (Antwerp and Mallorca) really gave him the taste of things: “That’s when I realised how systematic this is, it’s all about following processes. If you do that, you’ll be just fine. From there on, I started building a network and getting good results every week.”

Seeing how focused and result driven he was at the end of a superb campaign in Ireland, an affiliated Marketing Company in France gave him a call, offering him an opportunity to join them. “The fact other Irish people had already moved to France gave me the confidence to do it. I was like ‘if they do it why can’t I?’ and I think that if I hadn’t moved I would regret it today. What’s amazing is that I learn something new every day, learning how to pitch in French really gives me a sense of achievement. And not knowing the language teaches me to focus on smaller things that have a big impact: tone of voice, body language, etc…

As Brand Ambassadors, being independent and your own boss is something we’re all very proud of: “It’s only recently that I’ve realised how grateful I am working on commission. What a lot of people don’t realise is that if you’re paid a certain amount every week you tend to stagnate, you don’t push yourself and you stay at the same level for as much as three to five years until you get your next promotion – and that’s for the most fortunate people! While as a Brand Ambassador, you have to keep pushing, you have to keep improving yourself and if you want to make more money you have to develop and do that by working harder. That’s why I’m grateful, if I was on a base pay I’d more likely settle for it and not achieve what I’m capable of. It’s like having that little boost to work harder, you’re setting standards for yourself and that’s what motivates me.”

It’s now been three months since Mossy started in France and he has a strong focus: “My main aimnow is setting the right habits, learning French and better maximizing my time so I can maximize my results. Then, I can start building a network again and eventually one day build my own company, but one step at a time. The great thing is that every single skill you need as an entrepreneur you develop here.