When you ask what Julien’s secret to success is, he’ll tell you that it doesn’t exist. Everything is the result of the right mindset, a solid system to follow and building great relationships. Learn more about this inspiring Brand Ambassador finding his way in the Community:

A difficult time in school and teenage years marked by moving out early of his family home didn’t make Julien’s life easy. Without money or work, he was confronted by “real adult life”. A phase which forged this young brand ambassador’s character: “I need slaps across the face to learn. If I don’t hit the wall at some point, I have trouble understanding things”.

After a rough patch when he was couchsurfing with friends, the young lad from Lille ended up working the night shift in a well-known sporting goods shop. Suffering a sudden foot injury, Julien lost his work contract and found himself on the job market. Screening Craigslist, he saw an opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador and was invited to find out more about it.

Striking a balance

The first weeks were difficult. But after a while, Julien started learning from interesting meetings being run in the Lille co-working hub and was finally able to take on responsibilities. Soon enough, he’d built the self-esteem needed to become a great Brand Ambassador. Later, Julien noticed he had a true leading spirit and his results started skyrocketing. To him, success is not a factor: “I’m not sure I have success. I followed already setup systems that work well.” Another important aspect of his progress is his mindset: “I really like the ideas of the intent law: On the field it’s 100% mind work. I don’t stand any more chance than anyone else. You must create positivity all the time, I condition myself mentally to be an amazing sales person and that’s my trick”.

"Success will only come the day I’m satisfied with my work"

Riding the wave of success, Julien has moved from northern France to work alongside some already proven entrepreneurs in Lyon. “You need to surround yourself with the right people and be willing to take risks. Sure I’m leaving everything I know in Lille but you have to see this as an investment for the future” says the young BA. His ambition on the rise, Julien has set his sights on growing his network and launching his own company by the start of summer.

Working for a brighter future

At only twenty, Julien has a clear vision of what he wants to build later. For example, developing entrepreneurship for the young French people by creating a non-profit organisation. Also moved by a trip in Burkina Faso, the French BA plans to invest in a humanitarian project in Africa, and on a more personal note, buy a houseboat.

To anyone who is sceptical or new to the BA community, Julien suggests giving everything you’ve got: “Invest yourself and you’ll witness what the community can do for you. But you have to do it at 100% and you’ll be able to really develop yourself here”.