Personal Recruitment: The Fast Track To Results

With the highest number of personal recruitment text messages sent each month through the BA website, Timi – a 28-year-old BA from London – understands the importance of taking action and growing her network. Through the BA website, she recruits people in a professional yet informal way.

Personal Recruitment: The Fast Track To Results

Timi is an experienced BA that sees her business as her life: “If I want to hit the goals I’ve set myself for the future, I have to put in time right now. And eventually, that should be time I’ll get back”. To grow her business and hit these goals, Timi credits the BA website as an essential tool for her success: “I absolutely love the BA website. For me, it was the one thing we needed to make things a lot simpler: mostly to explain and show people what we do. The thing is that we always had the Brand Ambassador community in a way, but we never had a name for it. It’s important that we recognise ourselves as a community more and more.”

How PR came into play

Timi started PR’ing when she realised she wasn’t growing her business at a pace that matched her ambition and drive. “To improve quicker, I needed more recruitment than what I was getting at that time.” If personal recruitment wasn’t something Timi got right away, she quickly recognised its usefulness and potential: “Now I know that I can be in control of who’s on my team, of how my business can look like and also finding the people with the right mindsets to join.”

Timi maintains that PR’ing hasn’t only had a phenomenal effect on her business, but also personally: “It’s not a problem to rely on other people, especially in our business where BAs have each other’s back, but knowing that it comes from you makes you that much more confident in yourself.”

N°1 in PR

It seems nothing phases Timi, but the fact that she sends more personal recruitment messages from the BA site than any other BA in Europe was something that took her by surprise: “I assumed that everyone was doing it as well. I mean the BA site really does a great job allowing you to send text messages to people. I was just trying to do as much as I could.” Timi centralises all of her personal recruitment efforts through the website: “It makes recruitment a lot more personal, which is in a way the whole idea behind personal recruitment. It allows recruitment that is professional without making it too formal.”

With her goals in sight, Timi says that two things are unavoidable: keeping a positive mind-set and doing things with consistence. She leaves us with a great advice for BAs who put PR’ing to the bottom of the priority list: “If you want truly great success on the long-term, you can’t avoid PR’ing. And if you’re already good at sales it shouldn’t be too hard for you because recruitment is sales and sales is recruitment. They go hand in hand. If you’re able to have a lot of passion for a client’s brand you should be able to find the necessary passion for your own.”