Rambo & Gurps: Shifting Up A Gear

Massive car enthusiasts, and former sports rivals, Rambo & Gurps talk to us about how the went about getting their hands on their dream cars as BAs.

Rambo & Gurps: Shifting Up A Gear

Rambo and Gurp became BAs a year and a half ago. These long-time cricket rivals knew each other from the pitch and school but never thought they’d be helping each other out one day. That was until they met again as Brand Ambassadors based in the same Co-Working Hub. Their highly competitive spirits, once strong on the cricket pitch, came into play with the field as their new arena. They both set a similar goal: buying a BMW for Rambo and a Mercedes for Gurps. Constantly pushing themselves and each other, it only took eight months for both to drive their new set of wheels! Here’s how they did it!

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