Scott : What Being Independent Means To Me

Meet Scott a BA in Edinburgh: He worked during 8 years in retail before becoming independent, and he wouldn't go back!

Scott : What Being Independent Means To Me

Being a Brand Ambassador means many things. One of those is having independence. We sat down with Scott Kelly, a BA in Edinburgh, Scotland, to find out what being independent means to him and why he loves it.

Scott told us his mindset was not always on being an independent business person. He studied Engineering and worked in retail for 8 years. Throughout this, he never really had any true independence, as there was always a someone checking up on him and daily tasks. “I worked in retail for 8 years, in all different departments. I always had certain tasks to follow that needed to be done. There was some flexibility, but it was never really independence and you never got recognised for how hard you worked.

It was only when he left retail and discovered the Brand Ambassador opportunity that his mindset started to change. Over his first few weeks, he really began to understand the true meaning of being independent. “You really do get to decide and are in complete control of what you do each day, what you learn each day. I’ve never been in a situation where it’s up to me how well I progress or how well I do.”

He believes that this opportunity is unique to being a Brand Ambassador. “I don’t think there’s many, if any, other situations in life where it’s purely up to you how much money you make, how much education you get, even what time you start at.”

And why does Scott now love being an Independent Brand Ambassador? Well as he explains, “You’re not doing it to impress a boss. You’re not doing it to impress anyone. You’re doing it literally for yourself, your own business, your own brand and potentially your own empire! It’s depends on how much you put in

For me, I see it, not as running around doing what I want, but as me building something, and I get to decide how quickly I do it”, Scott told us passionately. “I get to decide every aspect of what I do from who I network with, who I speak to, how many sales I do. That’s what Independence really means to me.”

And what does he have to say to people thinking about becoming a Brand Ambassador? “You don’t know what you can achieve until you go for it! I’m an example that, no matter how big the goal is, you can do it!"

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