Seppe and Glenn: Grabbing the opportunity

Seppe and Glenn: Grabbing the opportunity

The BA.Life Meetup in Lisbon in March of this year brought together the top performing BAs from all over Europe. That's the context in which we met Seppe and Glenn, two very recent BAs and very close friends from Antwerp.

Before either of them even became a BA, Glenn and Seppe were already friends (over 9 years) and already dreaming of accomplishing big things. These two former fitness coaches and entrepreneurs were on the right track and Seppe was already a fitness franchisee : “One day I realised that the most important thing was to have fun, to enjoy what I was doing, and someday I noticed that it wasn’t the case anymore and that it had to stop. I planned a meeting and my shares were bought back. That’s when my future in that business stopped.” says Seppe.

Glenn was actively looking for a new career path when he came across the opportunity of becoming a BA and seized it right away: “The work atmosphere back in the fitness club was very negative, and I needed to find something that suited me. When I was invited for an observation day in Antwerp, at first, I wasn’t sure about direct sales, I didn’t know if it was for me. I quickly started to understand the bigger picture and the actual opportunity there was to becoming a Brand Ambassador.

Glenn then invited Seppe to join him a little time later: “He told me he knew I was looking for something new and that he had found a career I would enjoy doing. I asked him to explain it to me and to give me time to think about it. I was sceptical but super excited at the same time, I mean it’s not every day you get an opportunity like this one. So I started on a Monday in February 2018 and here I still am.” says Seppe.

Experience and mentality: the success factors

One thing they both agree on when asked about why they did so well so fast, is that they both already had sales and coaching experience from their former occupation. “Sales is a trainable skill, so you can always become better, you just need to learn and practice it.

The second thing they both agree on is that they have what Glenn calls a “Winner mentality, we hate losing”. Seppe adds that “the second person is the first loser and Glenn and I were used to coaching people and coaching ourselves and that mentality of never giving up is the same in many ways to what we do here, as Brand Ambassadors.

This mentality and drive led Glenn (12 weeks in) and Seppe (4 weeks in) to be invited to the Lisbon BA Meetup to learn more and network with other BAs. Glenn leaves us with his tip on how to approach becoming a BA: “Some people want to grow slowly and take their time, I think that’s wrong, if you want to grow, you need to go hard, break down walls and make mistakes, that’s how you’ll learn the most and grow the fastest.