SPEED-READ #4: From Good to Amazing

Michael Serwa will be our invited Keynote Speaker next week!

SPEED-READ #4: From Good to Amazing

When this months 'speed-read' delivery arrived in its tell-tale Amazon packaging I did what I always do and took a quick flick through the book to get myself acquainted for a good reading session on the train that evening. However, this book, the universe, the sun moon and stars, or whatever you call those thunderbolt moments, had me hooked at the first sweep over the index.

Brand Ambassadors all over the world share many common attributes, and I believe one of those is we all have fire in our bellies to achieve something. Although we have varying goals, big and small, we all have an itch in our toes to get somewhere, to get stuff done. Michael Serwa's 'From Good to Amazing' is a brilliant fuel for that fire and will act as the matchstick to light the flame.

From the outset of his book Serwa acknowledges his ideas are not so revolutionary that you will be knocked off your seat by originality. Many of his nuggets of advice you will have heard before. But where he excels is in his no-nonsense approach, he talks to you from the pages in a way that your wisest friend does. You know that friend who seems to have their shit together? The person who you think of when you think 'that's success, that's winning'? Well Michael Serwa sounds like that friend; honest, direct, inspiring by providing stories to back up the message, but not long winded and preachy.

He outlines from the start that he believes 'our ultimate purpose in life is happiness' and as one of Europe's leading life coaches his client's achievements are long and varied. The measure of success and happiness is so personal and it changes as we grow, as we age and as we develop through our careers. Of the 66 nuggets of chapters, I managed to get it down to about 50 that I wanted to recommend to every BA out there because they were so relevant to what we do every day!

So instead of paraphrasing the book or giving you a tablet of contents, if you are considering if this book is one for you look at how many of these boxes you can tick:

1. You love a daily dose of energy: You can read this book cover to cover as I did, or keep it in your bag and dip in and out daily / weekly and grab the take away’s as you need them.

2. Reading a self-development book scares you: Not sure where to start? Over whelmed by all the options on the book shelf? Start here.

3. You are new to being a brand ambassador / freelancer / self-employed / leader of any kind: The lessons Michael shares are practical and obtainable for people at any level.

4. If you are the most experienced person in your circle: you need to get out of your comfort zone. Let this book kick you out into the stretch zone.

5. Building habits interests you: the key is to know which habits to eliminate and how to do it.

6. If you have an urge to succeed but don’t know where to start: we get this feeling, so many of us have been there. Hearing Serwa say he had struggled here and is now super successful shows us all how common this struggle is. And he provides actual solutions!

7. You need a bucket load of courage: no one’s supply is endless, keep it topped up!

8. Positivity is infectious and is huge supply from the words as they jump out of the page.

9. You are time poor: who isn’t these days?! If you indulge in your screen time like most of the world does, time can fly by. Open a real book, with real content, with real impact.

10. ‘No bullshit’ is one of your core values: I like the way Michael Serwa is honest, direct and tells his truth from his experience in real business. If you want unicorns and rainbows and a straight road to success then avoid this book at all costs. It will shatter your illusions by page 8.