The Paris BA Meetup in a nutshell

The Paris BA Meetup in a nutshell

The Paris BA Meetup took place on July 21st at the amazing Novotel Gare Montparnasse Hotel. A whole day of learning from experienced speakers allowed the Brand Ambassadors to go back home with great information. It was also the perfect occasion for the invited BAs to network with some of the best performing BAs from all over Europe.

Topic Highlights

With a wide range of topics there was a lot of information to process. For those of you who didn’t attend this event here are the key elements from each topic:

Gerard, on Critical Conversations, says it's vital to remember “the importance of conversations and the fact they can be done anywhere. Planning them in and being prepared is key.

The Law of Averages by Arnaud : “Success is all about stats. You need to invest time and effort into the assets you believe in.”

Focusing on personal goals, Lawrence reminds us that “It all starts with your WHY !?! You must value the goal you set for it to be effective to YOU!

It can take years to build a great personal brand, but it can be destroyed in minutes" explained Steve when talking about personal branding.

Valère insisted on giving things a go and the importance of “Taking responsibility if you haven’t started doing it already and the expression ‘Fake it to make it’.

Being a change agent, or as Simon puts it : “You must be able to change hats and products, become a universal brand ambassador is the key. No one is going to do it for you.”

Jorik knows his way around retraining: “Sales coaching is not about what you train them, it's about the how and the why. When someone knows the purpose of doing something the human being will use it. It's in our DNA.

What about the future? Sid covered it saying that “everyone needs to have a vision because it gives you a clear path of what you need to accomplish and seeing the destination makes it easier to reach.”

After a whole afternoon of intense information gathering it was time for networking and sharing food and drinks. The destination was Else, for some amazing food and a great venue with a club and a terrace offering a true romantic view of the French capital. A great opportunity to network and have fun with BAs from all over Europe.

My favourite topic was Valere for the simple fact that giving it a go is what got me into the business and I could directly relate to just jumping in, and it's the best thing I've ever done. – Gary, Ireland.

I really enjoyed Simon's topic on being a change agent. You need to find the right emotions linked to a certain product in order for customers to find it interesting. The goal being to become a universal brand ambassador. - Tristan, France.