What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador (BA) is an independent sales professional who represents brands with enthusiasm and passion.

What do they do?

They sell and promote great products to real people.

How do they do it?

Through face to face conversations, BA's deliver brands the new customers they are craving.

We understand that you probably have a million questions running through your head about what BA.Life is and what Brand Ambassadors do. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the most frequent questions we get asked and the answers to them. Have a look though them and if you don’t find what you’re looking for send us a quick message (here) and we’ll help in any way we can.

1) What are the benefits of becoming a BA?

You work for yourself! You determine your hours, you determine your success and you will be part of a large network of BAs across the world who have each other’s backs. You also have the opportunity of being continually coached and mentored by your peers.

2) What are the criteria for me to become a BA?

Becoming a BA is opened to everyone: are you enthusiastic, dedicated and have a positive work ethic? Then don’t miss out! Oh and be of legal working age, of course. That’s all there is to it!

3) What is BA.Life?

BA.Life is a platform developed for Brand Ambassadors to help them develop and also for them to use as the ultimate recruitment impulse while building their business. The BAs that use BA.Life are a group of people interacting, sharing, and working towards a common goal: #workhardplayharder #balife #entrepreneurship #lovewhatyoudo #takecontrol #freedomfeelsgood #gotyourback ...

Our website brings together Brand Ambassadors from around the world to discuss ideas, practices, advice, ways of working and solving problems, and most of all, networking. Check out the networking events that are available for BAs to go to here.

4) Who are the Brand Ambassadors?

Brand Ambassadors work for themselves and represent various innovative and well-known brands through face-to-face sales. As Brand Ambassadors, they have the opportunity to grow their own business the way they want, with access to help from other BAs across the world.

5) Why should I create a profile on BA.Life?

Why shouldn’t you? BA.Life is a great tool for all BAs, both new and experienced. First, it is a professional and energetic showcase of what you do. Then it’s a great recruitment tool, just check out what Timi, an English BA, has to say about it (here). Most of all, it allows you to connect with other BAs and to be inspired by others’ stories and develop your knowledge which will enhance your work in this field and beyond.

6) I want to be featured! How do I get featured on your website?

You have an inspiring story you wish to share with the world? Great! Just send us a message here or on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible! You can also send us an email at admin@brandambassador.life !

7) What about the private information I put on the website?

The BA.Life website is totally secure and we respect national and international laws regarding personal data, so no need to worry on that part. BA.life doesn’t make profit, it’s only goal is to bring Brand Ambassadors all over the world together. Note that we will never share or sell your information with third parties, it’s safe with us.

8) Can I share content produced by BA.Life?

Of course, please share the content you like from BA.Life! Please note that we have guidelines (here) on how to properly share the content we create. We ask that before sharing any content, you take a minute to read those.

All information provided on BA.Life and related websites is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal contract between BAs and any person or entity unless otherwise specified. Information on BA.Life is subject to change without prior notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, BA.Life makes no guarantees of any kind.