Zgjimi: I never want to have a boss ever

Meet Zgjimi , a BA from Antwerp, who we interviewed for the BA.Life Magazine in Barcelona. He made one thing clear from the start, he doesn't want to have a boss ever again and here's why...

Zgjimi: I never want to have a boss ever

Zgjimi, originally from Kosovo, is a 20 years old BA from Antwerp in Belgium. He started about 3 months ago and his drive and mentality reflect the lead he has taken from his coach Glenn.Zgjimi was a focused and committed student; first in design production technology, then as a Math degree student and finally he took a course on International Entrepreneurship in Antwerp. Things changed when he decided he didn’t want to do an unpaid internship.

Instead, Zgjimi thought of finding something else and that’s when he came across this industry, offering him the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador. “I really got into it when I fully understood what I was facing and what I could actually build in a year, like Glenn managed to” says the Belgian BA. Zgjimi was totally motivated by the idea of being independent and working on commission: “I really love the idea of being my own boss, of choosing how fast I grow, when I want to come in, making my own schedule. I also love working on commission because I get rewarded based on the efforts I put in. I hate the idea of being paid the exact same thing as the guy next to me regardless of the fact I might be working more, or he might be going on smoke breaks every 30 minutes.

Invited to join Glenn at the Entrepreneur Meetup in Lille after just 9 weeks of being a Brand Ambassador, Zgjimi had the opportunity to see the full extent of our industry: “You meet such amazing people, with so much experience and drive, it’s great to talk to them and get tips from people like Simon Murphy, Delphine Boachie or Julien De Bonnières. They all know what they’re talking about and getting coaching from them is the best way to progress!

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